• Stanton DeFreitas Aspires To Be A Writer

  • Posted on January 24, 2015
  • Stanton DeFreitas is an international business consultant who has many years of experience. He has worked with businessmen and women as well as companies and ventures all over the world. He is from Canada, from his heritage is Caribbean. He is proud of both the nation of his birth and his cultural background and looks to celebrate this whenever possible. Stanton DeFreitas believes that his upbringing in Toronto's Scarborough neighborhood in the East End exposed him, early and often, to other cultures. He learned to appreciate and respect their beliefs as well as trying their foods. Stanton DeFreitas has been able to work with businessmen from all over the world and enjoys the process of meeting with, and working beside, business-people from all over the globe.

    Stanton DeFreitas aspires to be a writer, communicating about his passion with others. He is a communicator who has a want to dialogue with others concerning the benefits of international sport, international travel, world events, and health and wellness issues. Stanton DeFreitas' global philosophy is that every single person is a citizen of the world. Writing engagingly about these issues, and his global philosophy, is Stanton DeFreitas' dream.

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